People Logistics


For the public market of People Logistics (healthcare, retail and safety & security) Eagle Vision provides the EagleEye. The Eagle Eye is a scalable sensor system used for reliable real-time tracking of people and objects across larger areas.


Based on this tracking data, many applications are available such as direction sensitive counting of people in broad passages, detecting a fallen person, counting the exact number of persons in a room (for example for access control), measurement of queues and service times, and measuring human behavior (detection of wandering elderly and unsafe situations). The system is based on stereo vision and advanced 3D imaging. The open network interface to external systems makes it possible to process the tracks and other detected events.


The camera images are processed on the local processor and do not need a central server. This architecture avoids heavy network load and supports the "privacy by design" principle because server image storage is not required. In collaboration with our application partners complete applications and solutions are implemented.