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Project Description

GUARANTEE provides a technical solution for personal safety in the home environment. GUARANTEE introduces local and network-supported decision making for safety applications on the basis of sensor input and with immediate response and feedback to the people concerned.

Eagle Vision Participation

  • Eagle Vision has been the task leader of WP3: Decision Engine.
  • Eagle Vision has been the Primary Use Case C3 leader: Illumination for school safety and energy saving. See End presentation here. Click on the black border of the images to see the movies
  • Eagle Vision has presented the Guarantee Project at several fair traides in the Netherlands.

Eagle Vision Achievements

  • Eagle Vision has made own People Tracking sensors.
  • Eagle Vision has improved it's people detection algorithm, particulary when detecting playing children or sitting babies.
  • Eagle Vision has improved the tracking algorithm and software.
  • The Eagle Tracking Engine has become an open interface so that partners like Noldus can use the detected tracks.
  • The installation and set-up have been made more user friendly.
  • Eagle Vision has made a night EagleEye (with Infra Red) in oder to detect night safety events, like a person standing out of the bed.

Eagle Vision Exploitation

  • Eagle Vision has made pilots in retierment houses, for example at Carrint Reggeland.
  • Eagle Vision has sold several Eagle Grids to NSecure and Scarabee for safety applications.
  • Eagle Vision keeps improving it's system, for example in the ENLight Project.
  • Eagle Vision beleaves the Eagle Grid will soon become a success in healthcare and people safety.

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