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Project Description

The EnLight project aims to exploit the full potential of LED lighting through breakthrough innovations in integrated lighting solutions beyond retrofit applications. This includes intelligent lighting systems. The aim is to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared with today’s LED systems.

Eagle Vision Participation

  • Eagle Vision people sensor, the Eagle Eye will be used as an advanced people trackiong system in the ENLight project in order to adapt light to people activity and as a consequence improve quality and reduce consomption of light . Moreover to a standard peer sensor, the EagleEye can be used as an abscence detector, detect sitting  or standing posture, walking dirrection and speed.
  • Here you can find a presentation of the collaboration betweel Plugwise and ENLight

Eagle Vision Achievements

Eagle Vision Exploitation

For more information, please visit Enlight's website: http://www.enlight-project.eu/

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