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Predicting Shopping Lines with Eagle Grid

Eagle Vision and COOP Supermarket participate in HvA minor "Intelligent Environments"

Enthusiast students have realized Predicting Shopping Lines system with Eagle Eyes.

From February to July this year, 3 students from "Hogeschool van Amsterdam" (HvA) have developed an in-store app for supermarket employees. With an Eagle Grid, the cash register waiting queues and walking patterns of customers are measured. Employees now get automatically an early warning before the queues registers are growing too long. In this way COOP can pro-actively allocate available employees to the correct location, open required cash registers dynamically and improve the service level to its customers. See here their poster and paper.
Eagle Vision Systems, Coop Supermarkt and the HvA are searching for a student to follow up how cashiers uses this information and how this information should be optimally given to them.
Thanks a lot to Gideon Bazen, Project manager HVA Digital Life, Johan Dekker, directeur/eigenaar at Coop Dekker and congratulations to Michaël van Diemen, Nick Lodewijks, Menno Witsen, students at “Hogeschool van Amsterdam”

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