People at Eagle Vision: Arthur

This month our colleague Arthur Verwoerd will tell about his work at Eagle Vision. Arthur currently works as a Project Engineer. Our Project Engineers have numerous responsibilities among which; installing and commissioning Eagle Vision Inspection systems and ensuring that these systems remain operational through remote service.


2017-03-28 10:46 by Eagle Vision Systems

Optical Unit in focus: Scoop Insert Inspection

The Scoop Insert Inspection is widely used among infant formula milk powder manufacturers and inspects several points relating to the quality of the inserted scoop as well as the flange of the can


2017-03-28 10:32 by Eagle Vision Systems

People at Eagle Vision: Tjark

Tjark Post talks about his work at Eagle Vision. Tjark is part of our team of developers for the Basic Scout inspection systems.


2017-02-27 10:01 by Eagle Vision Systems

Optical Unit in focus: Empty Can Inspection

Eagle Vision’s Empty Can inspection module can accurately detect various defects situated on the flange, the bottom and the sidewall of your cans. Inspection points vary from pollution and spots on the inside of the can to flange defect and ovality/roundness. These defects can be detected and will be rejected from the line.


2017-02-27 10:00 by Eagle Vision Systems

Customer Testimonial: NCI

In conjunction with FSSC 22000 certification, NCI is also one of the first can makers in ANZ to introduce air rinsing and automatic can vision inspection into the manufacture of empty infant formula milk powder cans. The state-of-the-art Eagle Vision system scans and rejects any can at high production speed for any imperfection both internally and externally. It even rejects a can with an imperfection that is not obvious to the naked eye.


2017-01-31 11:01 by Eagle Vision Systems

Introducing the Compact 360 Degree Inspection module

Despite its smaller footprint, the Compact 360-degree system maintains its numerous inspection capabilities such as the inspection of correct labels (regular and semi-transparent labels/bottles), barcode, label position, mix-up and more.


2017-01-31 11:00 by Eagle Vision Systems

Welcome Max!

With the growth achieved by Eagle Vision over the past years come other developments such as the improvement of our internal systems. Therefore, we would like to present Max Heuvels. Max started at Eagle Vision in November as a Support Engineer. He will take care of the maintenance and development of several systems, to ensure that we can always help you in good order.


2017-01-31 10:58 by Eagle Vision Systems